Friday, 22 July 2011

Arrgh technology - Ten Minute Hate

Soooo, I uploaded  a free pattern on Ravelry on Monday. Fine! Then I noticed my massive boo-boo, the Mistake Which Shall Not Be Named For Fear of Sounding Like A Dummy.

So, like a good little soldier I upload a new version and stick out an update.

And now I have discovered that not only do all the poor people who have kindly stored the pattern in their library do not get new versions (why for the love of all that is...) if they try and get a new version of this free pattern, a paypal screen pops up asking them to check out for the value of no pounds and nothing pence.

Great. All those happy knitters, knitting my Massive Boo-Boo Top-Down Raglan. Hating me silently when the increases don't work. And paypal, jolly highwayman it is, demanding payment when they try and fix it.

Truly, this is a day of wrath. I am smote on all sides by boo-boo.

Now I'm going to have a beer and watch documentries back to back until I feel better. : (

Hate over.

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