Sunday, 10 July 2011

Grab Bag

I love me some knitting equipment. Bags, boxes, markers, little magnetic thingies to read name it, I covet it.

So when I saw a post on Rav singing the praises of the All People Quilt grab-bag, I put down my knitting needles for just a few moments and got out the sewing machine. You can get hold of the pattern at this link - it's free, and has the minimum of sewing jargon.Grab Bag PDF

The first one was a bit rough and ready. I nearly called it the All People Quit after a horrible moment with the handles. But I think I have it sussed on the second attempt, and I'm proud enough of this one to show off a bit. Both fabrics are linen, from Japan, the lining looks like newspaper print and the outside has pictures of 'little red riding haod' : )

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