Saturday, 9 July 2011

I heart this yarn so much...

Do you ever start working with a yarn and just start falling in love?  Smooshing it when no-one's looking, swatching bits and holding them against your cheek? Moving it into differant lights to see it being glorious all over again?

Well, that might just be me. I've started knitting a new all-lace-yoke raglan with a 100% extra fine merino, ordered from that purveyor of delight, Colourmart ( It's so incredibly soft, with beautiful stitch definition and a really delightful soft sheen. In fact, after knitting with it, I don't know if I'll even bother with cashmere again, this really leaves it standing; more durable, less hot, less sheddy, less pilling-as-I-knit. In fact, all the lovliness of cashmere without the price tag or the ahem 'quirks' that make knitting with it such a palavar.

Best of all, as someone wool-sensitive, merino does not set off my scratchometer. Yay! All the fun of the fair! None of the Shirt of Nessus Effect!

Here's a picture of the swatch I've been cradling to my bosom these last few hours.

Oh, word of warning? Hide your payment card before you go to Colourmart's website. It's the only way to survive with even a bit of a credit rating.


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