Friday, 8 July 2011

Midsummer shawl

Well, I've finally managed to get the charting for the edges sorted out, and now my new Midsummer shawl is ready to post on Ravelry on Saturday. It's been an enjoyable knit; the pattern really emerges as you knit it, and it's been a delight to see it appear in the lovely Woolhunter yarn.

I've been experimenting with beading recently, and the effect is lovely, but I have to say for large sections I'm going to stick with pre=threaded rather than looping them individually. When you reach the point where a row takes you an hour-and-a-half and you have six rows to go, it becomes less a question of aesthetics and more a question of 'How long before I break?'

A note on the yarn, one of Woolhunter's Outback Lace range; I was a little disappointed when I started knitting with it, because it felt a little 'crispy' to the touch. However, a good soak and some hard blocking and it came out very soft. I should never have doubted it!

Here's a sneak preview of the shawl - I am very proud.

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