Monday, 15 August 2011

Crowns of Glory

I'm thrashing around a pattern at the moment, one you might be familier with; Crowns of Glory, also known as Cats Paw, which produces an open oval shape. Here's the pattern;

Works on multiples of 14 stitches plus 5.
Row 1 (right side): Knit 3, *slip, slip, knit, knit 9, knit 2 together, knit 1. Repeat from *, ending knit 2.
Row 2: Purl 2, *purl 1, purl 2 together, purl 7, purl 2 together through the back loops. Repeat from *, ending purl 3.
Row 3: Knit 3, *ssk, knit 2, yarn over 3 times, knit 3, k2tog, knit 1. Repeat from *, ending knit 2.
Row 4: Purl 2, *purl 1, p2tog, (knit 1, purl 1) twice and then knit 1, all into the yarn overs from the previous row, purl 1, p2tog through back. Repeat from *, ending purl 1.
Row 5: Knit 3, *ssk, knit 6, k2tog, knit 1. Repeat from *, ending knit 2.
Row 6: Purl 2, *purl 1, p2tog, purl 6. Repeat from *, ending purl 3.
Row 7: Knit 3, *knit 1, (yarn over, knit 1) 6 times, knit 1. Repeat from *, ending knit 2.
Row 8, 10 and 12: Purl.
Rows 9 and 11: Knit.
Repeat these rows for pattern.
Note: stitch counts are not consistent through the rows but should be accurate on any of the rows from 8 to 12.

I'm working on 3.25mm needles with a fairly stalwart DK, and it keeps looking like noses. The pattern variant I have includes this reverse stocking stitch section after the excerpt above which, in stiffish wool, makes mad pointy lumps;

You can see the silly lumps in the bottom repeat. I can't help but think they don't mean for it to look like rows of nostrils, but it does.

I'm hoping to use this pattern on the sleeve end, front edges and centre back of a short cardigan, but it's proving really difficult to work with. I might need to go a few sizes higher on the needles to help it relax, and I'm definitely going to leave out the reverse stst section, but I'm worried that it's pulling too hard. Because the stitch count varies so much, in Dk yarn the 'pull' in is really pronounced. If the sizing change doesn't work, I might try it in laceweight and put it in a foamy little shrug instead. I like the oval holes, it looks like cutwork, which I rather like - you might recognise this type of embroidery from old linens;

Anyway, for now it's back to the swatches for me and my mad nostrils pattern. It it really doesn't work out I might bring out a Halloween special; Patterns that Look Like Horrid Body Parts.

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