Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I'm luxuriating at the moment in my latest knit, using the novel sleeve-to-sleeve method. For anyone new to this, you cast on at the cuff of one sleeve, work up to the shoulder, and cast on the depth of the body from armpit to hip. Then you knit along that cast on, back up and round the sleeve-head, then back down the back of the cast on. Yes, you read that right. You pick up the back of the cast-on and knit it.

I'm currently working on two 80cm circs to handle the monsterous over-shoulder seam, which clocks in at about 300 stitches. It seems to be taking forever! The only thing keeping me going is watching the textured knit-and-purl pattern appear. I love the whorls it forms as the seam is worked, and the unexpected patterns it creates. it will be really exciting to create the shaping for the shawl front and seeing how the centre-back graft looks. It should be two sets of triangles meeting to form one larger set of triangles down the centre back - if my calculations are correct!

Here's the cardigan in progress. That larger piece is the sleeve, and the line you see in the middle of the smaller section is the cast-on edge;

I'm also working on a novel reversible textured shawl, worked outwards from a central 'spine'; here's the spine piece swatch.

Hopefully, both of these will reach fruition and arrive in the autumn in my new e-book, which will be designs based on the Edwardian country house. Lots of textures and tweed, lots of lace and pieces that can be layered together.  It's very exciting : ) I love working with such a broad range of styles and textures and shapes, but being able to work around a theme. It gives everything direction, and builds on lessons I've picked up from the previous design.

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