Thursday, 4 August 2011

Rowan Silk Aran

t's ARRIVED! My delicious bargain yarn!

The first thing I noticed is how heavy it is. it's listed as 15% silk and 12% linen, which doesn't seem high enough to produce that kind of weight when the rest of the yarn is made up from viscose. I'm not sure, in spite of that weight and the fibre make-up whether it will drape well, it has a slight resistant stiffness, almost a crunchyness, that makes me wonder.

I'm going to have to think carefully about how to use this yarn. Because of the slight 'marble' texture, and how flat the stitches came out in my swatch, I'm thinking mainly stocking stitch, which rather limits me. But the colours are very nice and more mixed than I was expecting, and it comes out very 'close' and strong when it's knitted up. Quite resistant to stretch. Perhaps a cushion cover? Something that needs to be 'dense'.

Watch this space - I'm share my design thoughts as I go on, I have a secret thought percolating in the back of my mind for this yarn, and it could be something for the e-book.

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