Saturday, 13 August 2011

Toad babies

I've been playing around with felting since I went to Fibre East last month, and seeing all the very talented felters there. Needless to say, I'm not in the same league, but it's been fun mucking around and pretending I know what I'm doing!

I actually tried felting a few months ago after seeing some felted beads - but the method I picked, where you roll the ball of roving in soapy hands and dunk it in hot water every so often - took a really long time. Because I couldn't roll with an even pressure, I got things that looked more like felted bottoms than anything else. Then, after a conversation with a nice lady at Fibre East, I decided to try it in the washing machine. It's really simple - you make the roving ball, stick it in some tights, and stick it in a quick hot wash with some dish soap for twenty minutes. Then you blast it in the cold wash for about as long, spin, and unpeel the tights. The worst bit was the unpeeling - the felt tends to want to grow around the tights, so you have to be quite careful. There's some great tutorials online if you want to have a go yourself - it's very easy.

Here's the results of my felting - little fat pincushions of various sizes and colours, which I've decorated with embroidery, buttons and beads in some cases;

After slaving over these little felty things for ages, I showed Mr Mongoose. He handled one gingerly, and then confessed that felt feels really horrible to him. Sigh! Repelled by felt - who knew?

So these have been rechristened my toad babies - unlovable to everyone but their mother - and are sitting on the bedroom shelf looking at him accusingly. I might make one with eyes and an angry mouth and sit it on his nightstand so when he wakes up it will be glaring at him.

My poor toad babies - mummy loves you, precious hairy things!

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