Monday, 1 August 2011

The Wide Awake Club

There's something about this weather (warm, muggy and dense like soup for those who do not rejoice in the UK climate) that makes me want to sleep all. the. time. It's also a Monday, the holy grail of groggy, so I'm surfing the deluded waves of sleepiness to the power of two. I stumbled out of bed this morning looking like I could have done with another week of really good-quality sleep, into the bathroom, managed to scrape the worst of the dirt off, and staggered hopefully into the kitchen.

Carefully, though the haze of sleepy, I prepared the coffee pot. I got the spoon. I filled the kettle. Through the haze, I located the fridge, reached inside and....remembered we had run out of coffee. The shock and distress were almost enough to make me wake up - but not quite!

As I speak right now, I'm a good three cups behind my daily recommended coffee level, and struggling to catch up.

Instead, I will lazily point out for those in the UK there is a sale at the excellent Kemp's wool shop ( and I may have ordered Rowan Silk Aran for 99pence a ball. Photos and more information when it arrives!

I'm also working my way through a sleeve-to-sleeve long line cardigan for my autumn e-book, pictures and further updates tomorrow : )

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