Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blacker yarns

Pure Black Welsh Mountain DK knitting yarn

A parcel was waiting for me at home last night - six balls of pure Welsh DK wool from Blacker Yarns (http://www.blackeryarns.co.uk/)

They have a pretty good selection of single-breed and rare-breed yarns in undyed shades, as well as some overdyed and mixed yarns. The handle is pretty crispy, so I imagine it's going to felt like billy-o. I can see it turning into a black bag, perhaps with a snowflake design in white on the flap? I'll have a go swatching tonight and see what it does.

I've been making some of the brilliant ' duffers' felted slippers, little nineteen-row slippers in chunky yarn (you can find the pattern very easily on Ravelry). I've made a rather crude pair for me, one pair I gave away to a freind who's very pregnant at the moment, and last night I felted another pair. I sort of did'nt check the time I put them in the washing machine, resulting in a pair of adult size six shoes coming out as children's size. Sigh. Still, I know someone at work who'll be delighted with them - she was begging me for a pair after she saw the others I had made - so perhaps it's all worked out for the best. After all, I can always make more!

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