Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Measure of Me

So, like many knitters, I keep loosing my tape-measures. They're there one minute, gone the next, even after I switched to my new, handmade and super-spiffy notions purse.

I had a nice red retractable dressmakers tape of a very sensible sort, before; it fitted into my super-spiffy purse, it looked normal and sensible. It looked like this -

Sensible. It costs about 90p.

So now ask yourself - what did I get?

Ahhhh. Yes. A tape measure shaped like a rubber duck. Just the thing. Does it fit in the purse? No. Is it easy to use and hold? No. Is it, furthermore, normal? You can answer that one yourself.

Do you want one? Do you really want one?


There. See? You're not normal either.

Ps There's one shaped like a pig's face as well. A PIG'S FACE. Who thinks of measuring and then immediately thinks, hey, pig face!

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