Friday, 22 June 2012

Life list - tick!

You know, I don't normally mention stuff like this, but I feel moved to share my joy with you.

I kind of have a life list of people I'd feel proud to piss off. Some of them have become, through the intervention of time, impossible.

I really don't like this guy.
Ernest Hemingway's one - jeez, I hate that guy. I read one sentence and I become inflamed with the need to punch him on the nose; nasty, violent, misogynist...anyway.

My point is some of the items on that list are kind of out of reach. But when I learnt yesterday that I, in my humble way, managed to really piss off the Olympic Organising Committee of America I became radiant and suffused with joy.

You see, any organisation with historical links of eugenics and fascism, hostility towards the disabled, sexism and just their level of greed and human callousness - they're fairly high up my list.

Any organisation that celebrates and lionises genetic predisposition over character and human kindness deserves to be permanently hacked off by people like us. Good people. Nice people, who no matter how fast their damn feet go make beautiful stuff, do kind, good things, and make sure everyone is included.

To coin a phrase, I want to be judged by the content of my character, not whether I can run dead fast.

So, Olympic Organising Committee of America, thanks, I can tick you off my list.

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