Thursday, 21 June 2012

Lunar yarn club : (

I meant to have an update on my Lunar Yarn Club yarn this week, but the postal service in the UK has decided to eat all parcels. I'm imagining a sort of cookie monster in a basement somewhere, with postmen feeding it parcels from a safe distance.

So updates on that shortly - I've got my fingers crossed it makes it through to me all safe and sound becuase God, do I need some more sock yarn right now. I must be down to my last, like, ten skeins and five perma-stash untouchable glorious skeins. This cannot continue! Luckily, Yarnscape and Lunar shipments co-incide this month so it should be double joy when the postmen finally wake up from their enchanted sleep or defeat the postal cookie monster, whichever is assailing them currently.

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