Thursday, 21 June 2012

Travel knitting

I don't know if you use public transport, or if you have 'travel knitting' with you a lot. I can check 'yes' to both of those. I have a huge commute every day (three hours in total, and yes, I'm begging for your sympathy) which takes me from my home in a village to my job in a city.

Of course as a knitter I see that amount of travel and I think of all the socks I could make during the journey. As many people have remarked, socks are ideal for knitting on the go - small, portable, interesting, and you can get to the point where you don't always need the whole pattern book on the go. I often take a picture on my phone of charts I'm using and refer to them instead of paper copies, which is really handy.

Anyway, I cast on some Rose Rugbinosa socks from Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet - they've really cute and simple with a nice reticulated lace that fades into a plain toe, just the sort of thing for travelling with. it's on normal sock yarn, on my usual size needles but for some reason I have ripped through them in the journey to and from work. Two days, and I'm on the toe of the left sock already! Have I suddenly got sock-knitting super-powers? Is it resting from knitting - like athletes resting before a race - that's made me so super-speedy?

Here's a slightly blurry picture of the sock on my desk as we speak;

Pretty aren't they? The little lace chevrons look so neat, especially in this yarn. This is one of my hand-dyes from a few months back that I love with all my heart but which has been a pain to match to a pattern. The decreases for the diamonds create just enough disturbance, I think, and the pattern is clearcut enough to stand a bit of colour-shifting. I've been swatching in this yarn for a long, long time - it's a nice base of cashmere/merino/nylon - and not found anything that matches quite as well.

If I carry on at this pace, perhaps I'll have a whole new pair of socks by Saturday. Unheard of in my house. I also have a jumper on my needles (of which more at the weekend, I hope. It's a great raglan.) which is sidling round the house after me trying to make me feel guilty. I've left it for handspinning and socks. It's got one sleeve and a bit of body to go...but the socks! The rapid socks! The drop spindle! The need to eat and bathe! All cutting into my jumper-time!

By the way, after the post the other day I dropped a line to Hunter Hammersen on Ravelry to say how much I liked her book, and whether there would be a reprint of Silk Road Socks. Strangely Amazon UK are still accepting orders for Silk Road Socks but there's no stock, and no reprinting due.

Very strange co-incidence - Hunter messaged me back to say that, in getting ready for an event, she'd discovered a few copies of Silk Road Socks and was selling them on her blog! I went over there quick-sharp and got a copy before they sold out, which they have done by this morning by the looks of things. I am very, very excited. There's a few weeks and the Atlantic ocean between me and it, but I'm already looking at the patterns and my stash and thinking perhaps it's not up to the task of knitting every single sock in SRS and Knitter's Curiosity as well.

Perhaps the spinning may be useful after all...

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