Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sick note

Apologies for the light posting here of late - after I promised another bit of Midsummer help and a post about that big bag o'fleece, no less! Instead of blogging, I've instead been spending time with my favourite companion of the last six months, a chest infection. Which means I feel like this;

But much less decorative. In fact, no, on my best days I hope I feel like that, and actually feel like this;

I've been given some serious antibiotics to combat it this time around, and the side effects, as expected, are fantastic. I was expecting nausea and stomach cramps, as per usual, but instead I seem to be on an hour-long cycle which goes something like this;

1. Overwhelming hunger (30 seconds)
2. Overwhelming nausea (30 seconds)
3. I will never eat again.
4. Overwhelming thirst, think may have dessicated - drink pint of water through both mouth and nose for maximum fastness.(30 seconds)
5. I will never drink again.
6. Note lack of motor dexterity.
7. That was exhausting. I shall sleep now.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I have found something that might alleviate my symptoms, though - I may send my maid for some of this, later;

 I bet that takes the edge off.

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