Saturday, 7 July 2012

Upcoming attractions!

Just a quick update ahead of a bigger post later. I'm currently working on a great project that I can't wait to share - in fact, when I told Mr Mongoose what the project was, he said "You've got to blog to hell out of that!"

So here's a teaser - the project involves this;

Warning - items on your desk appear half actual size

And what I did with it.

Also getting ready for FIBRE EAST! OH YEAH!!!! Next weekend - lots more exhibitors than last year, including Ashford Wheels so they're going to be the first stop. Mr Mongoose will be joining me, lured by the prospect of sheep and goats and shearing. My Mum, of course, will also be there - I say of course because this, in our particular worlds, is bigger than Christmas. If you're in the East of England, pop onto the website and see what you could miss if you don't go - there's a big red button on the top right of the blog which will take you straight to their website.

I've re-issued Midsummer Night, the shawl I was blogging below, with a new and much (much) simpler border, making it a lot easier for beginners but still beautiful. After spotting an error on row 34I had a sort of transport of common sense and realised that square things are easier to stack. I know, obviously, but it seemed like a revelation. I blame the amount of Lego I had as a child, which forces me to think of all stacky things as rectangles. My story, and I'm sticking to it. The second part of that tutorial will be next week!

And on the needles, apart from Mystery Project, I've got a sock from Hunter Hammersen's Silk Road Socks - Mood, which is really peaceful and zen-like to knit. Which is what I need at the moment. For reasons which are not unconnected to that huge bag.

Right, off to thrash the Mystery Project into submission. Back, back I say!

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