Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Winter knitting frenzy!

I've got that winter knitter frenzy on at the moment. See snow on the ground? KNIT WARM THINGS like there's an ice age on the way.

I've had some thick-and-thin handspun in my stash for a while now - I love the colours, and I love using thick-and-thin yarn with commercial yarn. But it was really hard to find something that was going to bring out all the soft, warm shades I loved without trying to 'take over'. Here's the handspun on the winder-ator;

It's really pretty in real life, bright greens and chestnuts and oranges and dark reds, sort of autumn fireside colours.

So, I found an Aran yarn (Wendy With Wool, I think, a 25% wool) which I'd not been happy with for actual aran-weight patterns because it tends to knit a bit below weight. And the colours look delicious together, as you can see in the other picture. I decided to make myself a pair of chunky armwarmers using the Wurm pattern's boingy purl-rib design, using some of the handspun and the commercial yarn for the main body of the glove.

It's knitting to - I reckon - 5.5 stitches to the inch. Using my Knitter's Handy Book of Knitting Patterns I calculated that I need to cast on 32 stitches ish. Its' the ish that always gets me. The pattern's for a glove, whereas I want these a bit further down my arm. Therefore, more stitches. BUT, last time I made gloves from these pattern they were 38 sts at the same gauge and came out kinda loose. Therefore, more than 32 and less than 38. All this ish. I just went for it, in the end, and cast on 32. I may as well. 

I used my favourite cast-on, the Long Tail, using one strand of handspun for the bottom edge and the main colour for the top. If you've never used Long Tail before, I highly recommend it. Beautiful rolled edge, just the right amount of stretch, and you can do cool things like a two colour cast-on with ease. Here's a good video showing the technique; tricky to get your head around at first, but well worth it.

Anyway, I'll have more pictures later on - in the meantime, I'm thinking about a matching Wurm hat and muffler - wurmwarmers! I hope that all that ish doesn't come back and bite me...


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