Friday, 25 January 2013

Wurmwarmers pattern

Following on from my last post, here's my pattern for Wurmwarmers, based on the Wurm hat pattern

Needles; 3.25mm DPN's, or size to get gaugue
Yarn -
MC - Worsted or heavy DK weight commercial yarn, I used Wendy Aran with Wool
CC - Paired with thick-and-thin handspun yarn - roughly the same weight as the commercial yarn, but with more variation. There are commercial yarns if you're not a spinner that have a similar effect.

Size - women's medium

CO 32 sts using long-tailed cast on, using the MC to form the stitches and the CC to form the rolled edge.

In MC Work K2 P2 rib for eight rounds
Switch to Wurm pattern - P5 rounds, K4 rounds.
Use the CC to work one, two or three rows in the purl rounds, creating dashes of different texture and colour in the 'ribs' of the wurm. Continue doing this throughout the glove

Continue until you have 5 wurm ribs, and are ready to start the next knit rounds.

Create thumb gusset:

Next row; K14, place marker, knit twice into next stitch, knit twice into the stitch after, place marker, knit to the end. St between markers = 4
NOTE In all increase rows ahead, work the increase in the stitch that matches the part of the pattern you're working in; if it's a knit round, knit twice into the stitch. If it's a purl round, purl twice. Keep the pattern correct throughout the thumb increases.
*Work three rounds in pattern
Next round; work to marker, slip marker, work twice into next stitch, work to 1 st before next marker, work twice into next stitch. Slip marker, and work to the end of the round (2 stitches increased between the markers)*
Work from * to *, keeping pattern correct, until you have 12 stitches between the markers for the thumb.
On the next round, remove markers and slip these 12 stitches to waste yarn so they can be picked up and worked later. Cast on 2 stitches using the backwards loop method to cover the gap.

Finish the stripe of the pattern you're on, then change to shorter stripes for the hand as below:

Purl 4 rows, knit 3 rows once
Purl 3 rows, knit 2 rows from now until finish

Remember  - Keep the pattern correct - so if you've just finished a knit stripe, start the purl stripe and vice versa. You should come out working a knit stripe as you divide off the thumb, but don't worry if not! It's not that precise a pattern, so as long as it looks right to you, it's fine.

Work in the shorter rows (purl 3 rows, knit 2 rows) until you're about the right length for your hand. Allow the hand part to scrunch down around your fingers when you check this.
When you're happy with the length, work 5 purl rows to finish off the top, then cast off loosely. It should curl around inside neatly.


Put the thumb stitches onto three needles, picking up four stitches over the gap where you cast on two stitches in the main body of the glove.

You should now have 16 stitches on your needles. Work in K2 P2 rib until you have reached a length of thumb you're happy with. Knit quite firmly to stop the thumb frilling out madly. If you'd like a smaller thumb, make a couple of K2togs in the first round of the thumb, making sure you have enough to make a proper rib pattern. Cast off, not too tightly.

Repeat for the second glove. Sew in ends, wash and allow to scrunch up as it dries.

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